Posted on 28-Sep-2019

Unlive Radio X Mindless

Réunion de la famille L’Amme, une association qui lutte pour la démocratisation de la musique électronique et encourage la création musicale dès la prime jeunesse.

KALBOCA explore des sons fumants à travers des sélections taillées pour l’occasion, mêlant Dubstep, Dancehall, Baile Funk, Breakbeat, Grime et plus encore.
Pour cette édition, nous avons aussi invité Nova, l’un des fondateurs du collectif Mindless à Rabat. Il vous réserve une heure de sons sinistres et rythmes tribaux, le tout dans une ambiance post-industrielle.

Line-up des usual suspects : 
Kalboca :

  • JB Grenouille
  • Bleaj
  • Gloryhall

Nova (Mindless)

After a month of thought-provoking encounters during festival season, we are witnessing many inspiring collaborations and initiated projects that promise a shift in the electronic music scene in the motherland.

In the light of this, L’Amme / KALBOCA family gets back to business and reunites again alongside our friend Nova Ouacheb from the mindless collective in Rabat.

Hosted by Unlive Radio, the party is going to be held at Tabadoul, a place we now call home and where we want you to come free of all judgment, ready to embrace challenging sounds and succumb to club culture.

This is a celebration of something we truly stand for: make spaces available for you to express yourself and initiate body conversations!

The collaboration of these creative forces beckons a tribute to sound design with music ranging from tastefully refashioning classic rave anthems—breaks, Industrial rhythms, bass music, emotional builds—into cutting-edge tcharmil ghetto bursts.
DJ Skhifa (L’Amme)

BLEAJ, J.B. Grenouille and GloryHall (KALBOCA / L’Amme)

Nova Ouacheb (Mindless)————————————————————————————Entrance:

20 dh (-25)
60 dh (+25)